Short Story : ' The Growing Thorn ' Essay

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“The growing thorn”
A little girl at morning sobbed in her small square room. Her great grandmother had recently passed away and she could not understood why, not why she was dead. But why was she not able to say good-bye? It felt as an unsent letter, never having the chance to be turned into its destination. She had a pedestal in her room, a small crystal one attached to the alabaster wall. It holded at the end of the rectangle a picture of her parents in a sapphire frame, next was an onyx small doll, a lapis diary, two of her many guardian angels, and at the very end a representation of her beloved great grandmother. Days before her constant cry, she placed a beautiful single red rose in front of her great grandmother in a ceramic ruby vessel because she loved them so. In her agony, she silently pleaded , “Give me a signal that you forgive me for not going to the hospital, but my weak heart betrayed me so. The fact that I did not see your cobalt beady eyes is a regret that my back carries. But in my heart, I knew that if I would have gone, I would have seen a decayed person who could not see or speak, but you certainly did listen as always. You know I love you, so I plead, if you do so send me a reason to believe that I am forgiven.” Nothing happened. Not did the lights went off, neither the transparent spirit came, or the rose fell, simply nothing occurred and that devastated her. When the night fell and her mother called to her, she knew that regret would…

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