Short Story: The Exciting Game Of Career Girls '

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Laurence awoke to an awful racket of Nuthatch’s chattering outside his bedroom window. It was not quite seven o’clock and Mrs. Rayes would not rise for some three or four hours. After finishing his second cup of coffee, Laurence headed off in the direction of town. Though it was called Sierra City, the place Laurence now trod, was indeed a town and not a city, a city, to his knowledge, possessing a more sophisticated weather forecasting system than a suspended rock hanging above a sign that read:

Weather Station! If rock is wet, expect to be rained upon.
If rock is hot, apply sunscreen generously.
If rock is moving, seek shelter.
If rock is no longer hanging, please call John Steinem.

Of the five establishments in Sierra City
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He had never heard of most of the board games housed on its shelves. Laurence pulled a particularly aged box from the faded cardboard stack, the game was called: The Exciting Game of Career Girls, and Laurence thought this was a game his mother would have a hard time cheating at. He placed the board game on an adjacent table and began to read the instructions on the box. Many of the words were obscured by time, chipped away or else bleeding into one another. The sound of footsteps interrupted Laurence’s reading, “S’cuse,” the ranger said. Spit gathered in the corners of his mouth and it was dripping into his beard, “Didn’t mean to startle you.” He said. Ranger Rodney was dressed in olive pants and a grey shirt and Laurence had a fierce desire to ask the ranger why he did not wear a cap; he had thought that all rangers wore caps, because this ranger did not wear a cap, Laurence was half convinced that he couldn’t be a ranger at all. “Oh— ” said Laurence, placing The Exciting Game of Career Girls back onto the shelf and turning to face the ranger, he was surprised to see that Rodney appeared to have grown in bulk and height in the moments of their separation, “you didn’t startle me much.” “Keep an eye out,” the ranger spoke abruptly, as if forcing scripted words from behind chipped

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