Short Story: Soma, You Father Got Fid?

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"Soma, you father got caught--"

"Again?" I groaned.

It was the fourth time this year Ma brought me the news. For some reason, my father, Akaash Choudri, managed to get caught drinking blood. I always had to go and meddle with the mind of the person who caught Pa red-handed.

Red-fanged, more accurately.

Pa entered the living room with a guilty expression and took a seat next to me.

"Except this time it was more than one person. There 's already suspicion about the unknown deaths and your father 's enemies have their eyes on us." Ma sighed and sat down across from us. "We have to flee. We 've lived in Amritsar for four years and showed no signs of aging."

Disappointed, I nodded.

Moving around the world was amazing, but when you have
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"Darjeeling," Ma smiled. "We haven 't visited East India in ages. We 've already got you admitted in a prestigious British-style school for twefth standard."

"As a teacher?"

Pa scoffed. "They don 't hire seventeen-year old teenagers as teachers nowadays."

"You 'll be a student," said Ma.

"Pity." I shrugged. "I hate holding back my intelligence. I assume you expect me to get average grades? Remain an average student. Don 't gain attention to myself?"

"We raised you so well." Ma patted my head. I rolled my eyes.

We got up and packed our belongings, and within a span of five minutes, we were ready to leave. The vampire strength and speed had its benefits.

Having more than enough money for ourselves, we left our house with all its furniture and decor.

Another home abandoned.

You 're welcome,
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Suddenly, two strong and muscular arms wrapped me, my back hitting a rock hard chest. I chuckled. These humans thought they could capture me.

So naïve.

My scarf still covered more than half of my face. The smell of all the blood around me still tested my temptations. I slowly turned in the grip, leaving my supply bag on the counter. Rather than surprising my captor, I was taken aback myself. His pale and oval shaped face held a beautiful pair of aquamarine blue eyes. The brown-black hair on his head had a messy yet sexy look, some hair falling on his forehead. His luscious lips curved into a half-smile, revealing perfect white teeth. How could a human be so . . . handsome?

"I caught her!" he yelled proudly.



I leaned forward, leaving a few inches between our faces. His hard grip would take time to break. Gazing into his mesmerizing eyes, I entered his mind. Due to a lack of time, I didn 't search through his head but suppressed the memory of him finding a thief. He backed away in confusion. I took that moment to grab the bag and wheeze through the hospital.

Once outside the hospital, I took the scarf off and sighed.

What a close call!

I hoped never to see that guy

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