Short Story : ' Pheena Berwick ' Essay

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Pheena Berwick I stood there, rooted in place and unable to move. I wanted to turn away and run for the warm covers of my bed. I found that despite the urge to run I couldn’t make my feet move. I had to know the whole story despite how terrible the truth seemed to be. I remember how strange of a day that it had been previously, all of it started with that morning. I have always loved to explore, adventure, and sneak around. Late at night I would often slide out of bed and sneak around the house trying to see how much I could roam about before the threat of getting caught became too high. I woke up on that lazy Saturday morning to the light streaming through my window. I could hear my younger brother still sleeping in the bunk above mine. His quiet breathing and occasional movement drifted down to where I was resting in the bottom bunk. I then untangled myself from the mess of blankets and bed sheets that had encased me, and rolled onto the floor. I sleepily walked to the door and out into the short hallway. I remember thinking as I rubbed my sleep crusted eyes, that the house seemed so quiet. This stuck out as strange to me as our house was usually filled with the sounds of pots and coffee cups being moved around for the preparation of breakfast. Yet no sound could be heard. I stumbled my way down the hallway and into the opening, where there was the living room on one side and the kitchen on the other. I heard a long drawn out creaking sound as the back door opened.…

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