Short Story : ' My Friend Lucy Who Smells Like Corn ' Essay

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The little girl narrator of the short story, “My Friend Lucy Who Smells Like Corn,” shares a plot less, descriptive story of her friend Lucy, who she wishes to have as a sister. To the narrator, all that is important to her is her friendship with Lucy and being like a sister with her, making many gross, funny, daring memories together. The narrator wants to be just like Lucy with lots of sisters, she doesn’t care how “hot the sun is or if it’s a million trillion degrees because she wants her skin blue like Lucy’s.” The character does not care what it takes, she wants to be just like Lucy and be her sister. The narrator doesn’t care about how gross things are, or why people act the way they act, or why things are the way they are; she just wants to enjoy her time with Lucy, being her sister is all that is important to her. The narrator’s descriptions of her living with her grandmother and playing marbles, and Lucy’s sister sharing clothes reflects them being lower class, Mexican-American females, occupied with no male figures, as well as showing a lack of close female friendship besides Lucy, and poverty. Lucy’s dad is hardly ever home, and the narrator just lives with her grandmother, showing a lack of male figures. Lucy’s friendship, their daring actions, playing with each other, hanging out, and the narrator’s sisterhood with Lucy motivate her to act. The narrator acts by being like Lucy and mimicking her ways and color. The narrator likes to be like Lucy and make fun…

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