Short Story : ' Let 's Go ! ' Essay examples

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“Let’s go HAPA, let’s go! Let’s go HAPA, let’s go! Whoo! Go HA...Beep,” a loud screech rang through me ears. I looked everywhere, from my right to my left, turning and shaking my head in confusion. “Where am I?” I thought. Suddenly, my brain processed my surroundings, and my eyes focused on the view ahead of me. As soon as my head was in the right mind, I saw Fantasia in front of me, Hilary besides me, the huge fish net looking net set up high held, with two poles, in front of me, and my coaches along with the other teammates were waiting on the sidelines. “You can do it!” someone hollered instantaneously from the benches. Once I heard the scream, I turned my head quickly to face the screamer with the a voice that echoed throughout the room. As soon as I found the person, she stood from where she sat, with her hands around her mouth, and projected her voice through her hands. She was wearing a plain black shirt with black leggings, and a pair of blue tennis shoes. Turning my head away from her, I looked at the people sitting next to her. I saw families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, and cousins sitting around on the bleaches supporting us. “Beep!” the referee whistled. The whistle echoed through the court, making all of us face them. Along the way, our opponents seemed invincible with their professional navy and white jerseys, and their ready stance. I watched as the server threw the ball into the air, with a smooth and gentle toss, I got ready for the…

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