Short Story 'He Day With Regret'

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he day with regret ( Short Story)

Disclaimer: All the characters of this short story are fictitious; if someone’s real life replay with this characters, it will be just a coincidence.

Molly fell in a love with a guy to whom she has never seen in her life yet. The guy named Raj sent her an friendship request in her Facebook and Molly had accepted that. They started to chatting with each other, sharing their feeling, happiness and everything. They become close to each other because of the attraction of opposite sex. Their age was also the other factor that brought them together with common views and opinion; understanding the world. They used to chat almost every day keeping their issues of conversation unlimited regardless of their relation
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She tried to block him in Facebook and thats what she did but again couldn’t stay away from him and quickly unblocked him and wrote her tremendous feeling how she was during that day while she strived to be away from him. Their conversation connected again but same thing repeated to Molly. She never got response from Raj about their love and life. So far as her memory, Raj was the one who had started talking about the love and relationship with Molly in the initial day when they had met in FB. She became furious at him but still she loved him so much didn’t want to hurt him reminding their previous story but wanted to be away from him …show more content…
But she couldn’t sleep throughout the night because only the image of Raj kept on coming constantly in her thought. She wanted to say something to him but she didn’t have a way because only the way of connecting to them was the FB messenger from where she was already blocked. She started to regretting why she asked him to do that. She remembered one moment when Raj had asked her to avoid because his life had been completely fragile as he had been fighting with different disease and not sure how long he would exist. Molly had in her mind that many beautiful girls must have come to his life but after she remembers what he had said to her one day, she became helpless. She cried but alone there was no way to convey the message up to him. She keep on thinking about him he must have hidden his love if not how could he listen her request and says I will fulfill your desire if it is the one you want. She is regretting herself but no way and nothing left behind in her life except thinking and keeping him in her mind, in her thought. She determined that she will keep him in her heart safely forever because he was the one to whom she had truly loved and keep on loving him forever until the last breath without the hope of any return nor any expectation of his love. Loving him and thinking him is meant a salvation to her, that is what she discovered from the day of regret today. The

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