Short Story : ' Gang Leader For A Day ' Essay

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Essy Lamb
Intro to Sociology
Dr. Castro

“Gang Leader for a Day”
Course Paper

Education and poverty are inversely correlated. If a person has more education they are less likely to be in below the poverty line. This also goes the other way, meaning that a person with little to no education has a very high risk of being bellow the poverty line. Venkatesh has several conversations with different people about education verses poverty. In one conversation, he is talking to Mrs. Bailey. Venkatesh says “If kids can get through high school, they have twenty-five percent greater likelihood of escaping poverty”. After which Mrs. Bailey reminds him that lack of education is not the only problem. Many families need to be able to get food on the table. In situations like this, sometimes the need to survive is more important than that of continuing education. In Gang Leader for a Day, Some of the people have had some education, a few even went to college. However, even with low levels of education in the Robert Taylor Homes, the gangs were lead like a business, a corporation even. Seeming to leave the everyday chaotic and violent viewpoints from outsiders behind. Just like a good businessman only sells his customers good products, in Gang Leader for a Day, JT makes sure his customers only get good crack. And just like a legal business if customers found out that the product they were being sold was not up to par, the business looses customers. Gang Leader for a Day talks about how…

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