Flannel Heart Under The Tree Monologue

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Flannel heart under the tree.
By; Dayton Weldin These flannel pajamas are so soft, this rocks! I cant believe mom let me open them early this year. Christmas morning is just 4 days away and dancing around my house showing my new pajamas off to all my relatives is how I choose to spend them.
"Hey uncle Jeff you wanna feel my pajamas? They 're new! Mom let me open them early this year!" I beamed with excitement. He sat up in his chair and touched my sleeve with his hairy jungle arms.
"Oh wow, those are really somthin ' kido." He said before he sat back down careful not to spill his beer.
"Thanks! Do you know where my dad is? I wanna show him my new pajamas too!" I was jumping up in down blocking his view of the television waiting for
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That’s weird. Oh well, her loss I guess cause these bad boys are soft. I cant wait to show my dad! I hope he likes them, I saved up all my money from my chores and I bought him the same pair. It 's a surprise present, he doesn’t know about it. I 've been asking for these for months, practically begging on my knees every time I passed them at k-mart with my mom, and she 'd say "Oh, maybe someday. You just never know." I 'm just so happy right now I cant believe I actually got them! This is gonna be so great, this is the first time I 've celebrated Christmas with my mom and dad at the same time since I was four years old. I 'm six now, I actually haven 't seen my mom and dad in the same room since the day he moved out. That’s mostly why I 'm so excited. I Just wanna see him. Is this what a Christmas miracle feels like? Cause I don’t think I 've ever been this excited for a …show more content…
Why was she doing that?
"I need you to listen to me. Your dad isn 't gonna be here... Because he got into a car accident on the way. I 'm so sorry hun."
What? A car accident? Is he okay? Can we go see him? Can we call him? Can I call him? Are you sure? All these questions were pouring into my mind and flooding my brain and I guess my eyes were what they used to drain them because warm yet chilling streams of tears rolled down my cheeks. My heart was like a rock ripping through my guts. This isn 't happening. how could this be happening? Tonight was supposed to be perfect. A Christmas miracle.
All these thoughts running through my mind and I can only muster up one measly sentence before I completely break down.
"But, we were supposed to get our pictures taken together in our matching pajamas."
There it was. I broke down. I was bawling for the first time since I heard of there divorce. Practically screaming into my mothers arms as she held me. I 'm coughing and choking as I sob. it feels like I 'm swallowing my own throat. It burned. She just rocked me and told how sorry she was that this happened. Me too. So much for Christmas

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