Essay on Short Story : ' Chi Ca Go '

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“Chi-ca-go” I said while trying to sound out the word on the huge sign I read, as we drove past the Chicago Theatre. I did not know where my driver was taking me but I knew I did not want to be in the car with this mean old woman anymore. She was always cranky and hysterical. I tried to prevent myself from being her target, so I tucked myself in the corner of my window seat and started on one of the books from my collection. I loved reading and had begun reading at a very young age. I could not focus on my book with all the yelling coming from the driver seat. My caseworker pretended like I was not even in the car as she complained about having to drive foster kids around all day. I saw her probably three times that month, and she rambled on and on about the same thing every time. By the time the car had stopped, I had just closed my book and looked out the window. I could see A woman and boys standing out front. They greeted us with all smiles and looked pretty pleasant. The lady told me that she was my aunt and her kids were my cousins and that she’d be taking care of me for a while. I smiled and looked happy on the outside but in the inside I did not want to get my hopes up high to be let down again. Growing up I was the only girl in the house so that meant extra rules applied to me. My aunt took great care of me, well at least she tried. Unfortunately, she thought keeping me sheltered would teach me to be conservative but really it restricted me from reaching…

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