Short Story : ' Black Smoke ' Essay

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Black Smoke My sister and I were sitting on the bench watching the clouds pass by, taking in the new environment. All the hills are yellow, there are no plants, and trees are bare. California is much hotter and drier. I missed the cold, rainy weather in Oregon. The moving truck was pulling into the driveway so we got up from the bench and helped Mom unload all the boxes. “We are finally here.” Mom said with no emotion. “I wish we never came to this stupid place.” my sister said. I know that Mom would lash out at my sister for showing her attitude, but she knows that we all had enough negative experiences in our lives after Dad died. After unloading the last box, my Mom sat down and I could tell through her eyes she was wondering if everything would come back to normal. “Hey Mom, you okay?” I asked sympathetically. “I’m fine, just tired after driving for 8 hours straight” “Let’s look at our new house” She said trying to change the subject. My sister just sat on the floor and texted her friends. As we were entering the house, a police officer introduced himself to my Mom and I. He was tall and had this bushy mustache attached to his face. “Hi Mrs. Jones” the officer said too excitingly. “ I’m officer Stanley, I have come here to inform you to stay in your house tonight. You may not know this, but every year, we have a blackout for 12 hours and to keep your family safe, you must stay in the house. The darkness come in a smoke-like form. We don’t know what…

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