Short Story : ' Annndddd ' Essay

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“Annndddd, done!” I said to no one in particular. “It’s done. My story, the one I had been putting all my time and energy into. Not just one story, but two!”

I leaned back against my chair, quill in my magical grasp. I was in my home, a solos place out of pony civilization, my study to be more precise. This was the only place I could find solitude, and be left to oneself; for no matter where I went, if there was a pony around, I was not alone; obviously, or else I wouldn’t be here doing what I do: Write.

That was about all I could say about my situation. If you had been expecting something else, perhaps something like the story of a crestfallen pony locking himself away because his friends decided to say and do things they didn’t know effected their friend, so their friend acted rash, ran away, and decided to be alone and do what he did best on his own, then I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s nothing like that. To be honest with you, this was the simple fact of me not wanting to be around anypony. Not because I execrate them, mind you, but the coldest, clearest phenomenon of just wanting to be confided in solitude. That’s it.

Though oddly enough, I still had connections to the outside world. I would get mail send to me through magic; mostly parasols containing books of other authors. I would sit by the fireplace I had and read for the entire duration of the night; and when day came, I sat at my desk, with my glasses, which were small with circular lenses, propped…

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