Jada's For Dinner: A Narrative Fiction

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Jada had dropped the girls off to their Grandparent’s house and was about to go home to start dinner. She decided to go to the mall for just a quick moment.

She never gave him a gift for Christmas and she wanted to do something for him now.

Jada was in the kitchen finishing up dinner. He came in and said, “Smells good.”
She turned around and smiled, “Thank you.”
She noticed he looked tired and with concern she came over to him and asked, “Are you okay?”
He smiled and replied, “I am now.”
He bent down to give her a long kiss. When he pulled back he asked, “What’s for dinner?”
Jada beamed, “Steak, baked potato, and asparagus.”
She indicated her head and said, “The wine is chilled in the dining room.”
He looked back and then turned her,
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He shook his head and said, “You are so sweet.”
She looked down and said, “Thank you.”

He touched the box and said, “No…thank you.”
She looked at him, “You’re welcome. I’m glad I got to give them to you tonight. I will have a good night sleep now.” She laughed at that.

She then went to turn out the light to go to bed. When she returned, Maxwell still had the soft lamp on. He would probably still read for a while. Jada wouldn’t disturb him. He had placed his gift on the night table and watched her as she returned. She stood there for a moment and asked, “May I have a good night kiss?”

He nodded. Jada then came down onto the bed…she straddled him.
She pulled him to her mouth and opened hers inviting him in. They fed off of each other. She then trailed kisses to his neck and then she sucked on his lobe. Maxwell moaned. Working her way back to his mouth, she kissed him with fervor.

Picking her head up, she looked him directly in the eyes, “I want you.”
He then put his hand at her back and said, “I want you too. But, it’s not always about sex. We have a deeper connection and I need you to know that I would be happy with simply holding you all

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