Short Story : ' A Dark Night ' Essay

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A Dark Night
I head to bed on a cold winter night. The wind races toward my cabin and is pressed against all windows in the home. I can hear the crackles and pops coming from the fire pit that is down below in the living room. I pass my parent’s bedroom, wish them a good night, and sweet dreams with joy in my voice. The two family dogs, Skip and Buster, wait in the long straight hallway outside of my bedroom. Buster shoves his nose through the crack of the door and into the dark room. Skip follows and bolts to his doggie bed that is placed in the corner of the room. Buster throws his body on the right side of my bed because his best friend enjoys sleeping on the left. I walk towards my nightstand like every night and remove the contact lenses from each eye. I screw the caps on tight, then I walk towards the left side of the bed and hop underneath the cold covers. I close my eyes and listen to the noise of the fan that is constantly turned on. Slowly my mind begins to calm and I can feel myself drifting into a deep sleep. About an hour or two later Skip is running around the rooms in a hysterical manner. I do not see the problem at hand and aggravatedly inform Skip to lay down on the soft and comfy doggie bed or he will be escorted outside in the cold night for a few minutes. Skip lays down for only a few minutes until he continues running as fast as a cheetah. I grab him by the black leather collar and tug him down the hallway. I am leading the dog towards the steps to…

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