Short Story : ' A Cat ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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A Ꮬ L # ! 0 & π + Ⅹ Ȏ ( ) 1 Z [ @ ] $ ͍ 美 % - H
“A”, even though the significance might seem original, this reminds me of my son’s middle name, Andrew. “Ꮬ” looks like a teddy bear that a little kid might have as a comfort and this is exactly what my son takes with him everywhere he goes, there’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t have his stuffed bear. “L” is for the love that we have for each other even though we might sometimes cross paths, “#”, like I do with my son; even if my son is only a year old, he still yells at me and I yell back at him because he gets on my nerves. “!” tells me how demanding someone can be and that my son that doesn’t give up at all. “0” looks like a wide-open mouth when he or she is hungry, especially Grant with pretzels “&”, pizza “ “and pie “π”, but still always wants more “+”. “X” is that I’m not able to possibly go out and have a girls day because I have a son, which I would never give up; “Ȏ” resembles a lock from my perspective since I am locked and kept inside and “( )” shows boundaries that I have when he is around which is definitely not a bad thing. “1” shows to me that someone is a priority, which would be Grant, he is everything to me; “Z” is that a path is being followed, in which Grant is always following my footsteps because it’s all about mommy to him. Two people are dancing in circles “[@]”; we have always connected while we were dancing, he laughs, I’m dizzy, he throws his head back and I’m sick to…

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