Short Stories Of Fictional Writing Essay

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Assignment I In the reading for this assignment, various categories of fictional writing were mentioned and defined in the text. Prior to the reading assignment, I had minimal previous knowledge about how numerous the different types of short fiction writings there were in the literary world. Short fictional writing includes anything from short stories to parables to fables. However, the definition of a tale is what stood out to me the most when it comes to short fictional writing. There are a variety of definitions for what a “tale” is or what it could be. The Merriam- Webster Dictionary defines it as “a story about imaginary events: a dramatic story.” Our textbook expands this definition of what a tale is by also including what it is not. Often time tales are confused or thought to be just another “story” and are often associated with lying –ever hear the phases, “tall tales?” It implies that someone is telling another an exaggerated story and is “synonymous with yarn.”(Kennedy and Gioia 11) A tale is not limited to fiction, it can also be a true story, but due to the negative association, tales are typically seen as fictitious. Basically, the textbook’s definition states, “a tale is a story, usually short, that sets forth strange and wonderful events in… less than a summary.” Tales are also thought to be passed from generation to generation and are related to traditions. Taking the Bible for example, the stories of the Bible were passed down from generation to…

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