Short Essay On Tangerine

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Swoosh- there goes another ball into the net, Tangerine Middle gets the win. Who knew from changing schools, to a new soccer team can lead to numerous deaths. In Tangerine By: Edward Bloor, Paul Fisher knows, when a deadly disaster occurs at Lake Windsor everything changes.
Author Edward Bloor lived in Trenton, New Jersey before attending Fordham University in New York, and now resides in Florida. He has penned books titled: Crusaders, StoryTime, and Soccer, Tangerine, and Me, which are all fiction novels. He was nominated for Best Young Adult author.
The point where character development occurs is when Paul finally stands up to Erik’s bullying.
For example, “I couldn’t stand it. I took another step forward and challenged him, ‘Come on, Erik,
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Mr. and Mrs.Fisher need to step up as parents so their child won't get any worse. If Paul’s parents would have just admitted to the truth in the first place, Paul’s life might not have been affected as it is now.
Readers who would enjoy Tangerine, would appreciate soccer, unpredictable plot twists, and breath-taking scenes. Additionally, if the readers could relate to sibling rivalry, moving, and bullying, it'll make Tangerine more easy to be engaged in, and able to be persistent when reading. Tangerine teaches you to stand up for yourself, and to always be honest, even how dreadful the truth is. Readers would definitely admire this novel, learn life lessons, and relate to good or bad life experiences we all have during our time. The captivating book, Tangerine would be rated at a number of ten. This book was very interesting and action packed, with surprises at every corner! You could clearly distinguish each character by their personalities, and the way they talked; the storyline was very clear from beginning to end. Tangerine is one of those books where you won’t be able to put it down. I can guarantee you that you will fall in love with this

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