Short Essay On Scout Life

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Scout Life
Scout life is a way of teaching a person how to become responsible during any type of emergency. When I started scout I was about eighteen years old and the church was about to start a new service called scout, I use to hear about it in Egypt and my brother used to be in it when we were in Alexandria, Egypt and I use to see him with the scout uniform and I so wanted to be in it but unfortunately I was too young to join. Then when I came in the U. S. A. and asked about the scout I was surprised because the understanding of the scout is different in the U. S. A. then in Egypt. In Egypt scout means the survival in deserts, faces a lot of danger and sleep in the wilderness. But in America when anyone talk about scout they think that
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After that I went to my church and all of my friends were talking about a new service about to start it 's called scout I was so happy and excited to join. Since it is an Egyptian church they know what is the true meaning of scout. Then I joined the scout group the leaders taught me how to be responsible, survive in wilderness, and to encourage their students they did a small party called scout oath ceremony.
Since I started to serve in the scout team from two years ago the leaders taught me the kinds of fire, knots, and how to deal with emergencies. They started to teach me about what kinds of fires am I supposed to use there are three types of fire one is the triangle fire that helps the campers to stay warm and eat marshmallows. The second type is star fired which is good for light to have strong
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The leaders took the new member in a place called San Juan Capistrano, it’s a place the have animal and trees and parts look like desert. When we entered the camp the employees give us a paper said to watch out from lions all of the new members were so scared because we had to stay there for two nights and three days. Then we found a good place to set up or tents, after we set our tents the leaders asked from us to build something with wood that could help us to survive or to keep our stuff away from the ground so the animals won 't attack it. My group we made a table to put our bags on it and we build sawmill to help us to dry our cloth and to also carry some of our bags or shoes. Then some of us cooked for us and when it got really dark we all brought out our flash light but unfortunately it wasn’t working because it was so dark. After that we build a fire and we start to eat marshmallows and talking about the day, singing religious songs, and finally we did some acting and games. When it was time to go to bed we all had shifts to come out at night and try to secure the place. My shift was at two in the morning with two other girls we started hearing the coyotes and saw some wild animals and all night long we heard the snakes. We were so scared and hoping are shift will be over soon but we learned to survive under any circumstances and

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