Short Essay on Pneumatology: Spiritual Gifts

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Todd M. Lynch
THEO201 C03
Short Essay #3

Short Essay on Pneumatology: Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Gifts and their place in today’s world is a topic that has been debated for some timed. One gift that has received specific attention is the gift of speaking in tongues. This essay will define what spiritual gifts are, as well as differentiate them from Spiritual fruits and show which one is a sign of spiritual maturity. This essay will also discuss speaking in tongues, defining it, discussing if it is a sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit and arguing whether or not it is still a valid spiritual gift today. Spiritual Gifts are “gifts of God enabling the Christian to perform his or her (sometimes specialized) service” in the church.[1]
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Speaking in tongues can also be used as a private prayer language (Romans 8:26). It can also be used as a tool for reaching unbelievers. It was used in the book of Acts to reach unbelievers by speaking to them in their own language by those who did not already know it (Acts 2:11).[5] Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the act of a person being placed within the body of Christ.[6] This happens through a person’s conversion to Christianity and many believe through the physical act of baptism.[7] A person is commanded to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) and is baptized in the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11, Luke 3:16). There are some, mainly the Pentecostals, which argue that Baptism in the Holy Spirit occurs immediately at conversion and such a vital occurrence could not wait for such a ritual as a water baptism to happen.[8] Those who argue this issue and defend the water baptism stance, point to Christ’s baptism where the Holy Spirit descended upon him at the time of his water baptism.[9]

In Pentecostal and charismatic culture speaking in tongues was a main sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit.[10] Speaking in tongues showed that a person had been endowed with the spiritual gifts and had in fact received the Holy Spirit.[11] Outside of those circles however, it is not a necessary sign. Spiritual gifts are given to all believers, and not all who receive spiritual gifts receive the gift of speaking in tongues.[12] Therefore, the

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