Negative Effects Of Drunk Driving

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Don’t be Risky After Whiskey Most, if not all, people despise others who drink and drive because they are being careless of themselves and their surroundings and they have no regard for anyone else’s safety. While people may think being hit by a drunk driver could only have a negative effect on them, there may sometimes be positive effects on those who have experienced them. After getting hit by a drunk driver at the age of ten with my grandmother driving, I have realized over-time that I have learned a lot from my experience. Although we were only rear ended, it was a very traumatizing and tragic moment for me. Ever since the accident, I have realized that there was some positive effect that came along with it. My experience has taught me …show more content…
Even though I do not drive while impaired, there are other drivers on the road who will. It is selfish for people to drive while intoxicated because they are putting innocent people at risk. “An obvious solution is to prevent people from driving while intoxicated right out of the gate, rather than waiting for an individual to be convicted of a DUI” (Sullivan n.p.). It is my liability to prevent others from driving off after drinking. It is crucial to report drunk drivers on the road to protect myself and any possible victims. Not only has the accident taught be to be cautious while on the road, it also taught me to be cautious of who my friends are. When I was little my parents were able to choose who I could hang out with. As I grew older and started going to school I finally got to choose who I wanted to be friends with. The downside of being able to choose my friends was that I didn’t know who was trustworthy and who was not. In high school a lot of kids are forced into peer pressure and begin to take drugs, drink alcohol, and steal. As a freshmen most high schoolers assume that the more friends they have the better. Unfortunately, some of those friends will most likely try to lure you into peer pressure. Thankfully, my real friends outshined everyone else and I knew who I could and couldn’t trust. Sometimes life might throw a bunch of curve balls at me and I will want to give up, but the best thing to do is to prepare myself for the worst and hope for a good hit. Every bad situation I have to face will only make me a stronger person than I was before. Other people may have had it worse than me, but we are all facing some kind of challenge big or small. It is best to respect others, even if they are an enemy because they could also be facing challenging situations of their

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