Short Essay: An Unforgettable Day

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An Unforgettable Day
I never would have guessed, to be honest, but who could have? I doubt even she had fully thought it through herself. Her mind would have been like a black canvas with a speck of white emerging for the corner. It’s not like it was her fault, as she wouldn’t have been thinking about anything else and I understand that. However, while half the world would be sympathetic towards her, the other half would find it to be too selfish to fathom. I find it to be far from an act of greed but a situation where someone innocently forgot about the people around them. Their belief of the great care that their loved ones have for them is clouded by the little belief they have in themselves.
Angie. It’s short for Angela, meaning ‘Angel’,
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Her father grew angrier day by day and detested himself for not being able to help his baby girl. Her sister couldn’t stand to see her own reflection as every time she met her own eyes, all she could see was her precious Angie. Her dear brother neglected the new-born child that craved his love and attention as he didn’t want to risk loving anyone again. And what about her own son. He herself had a child, a husband, a life. A man was left raising a boy with the eyes of his mother who began every morning with the same question, “Where’s Mummy?” And her best friend continued to tear her own world apart because what world did she really have without the person who meant the most to her? Knowing that she wasn’t there, when her companion needed her the most, killed her so much every second of every day. So, a year later, she walks along the same crispy frost on the ground but has to drag her own body. This was the most she had walked since the morning of Angie’s death. It was also the last time she ever walked. She leaped into the road herself in the same spot where she lost her world. Paralysed, she tried to live the rest of her life but knew it could never be the same. And the driver. They are always the most forgotten yet one of the most damaged. He was driving home to see his beloved family on the winter morning of her death, happy and eager to see the people he spent his days waging in …show more content…
The children who grew up with the sight of their parents weeping in their minds lived in fear of stepping outside, walking anywhere near a road – especially considering they were told it was only an accident. But it wasn’t. Thinking it was an accident could slightly lessen the heart-rending pain that they feel, but it’s not the truth. When your loved one is killing themselves from the inside out and you are blind to this until it’s too late and you’re watching their body being burned into tiny specks of ash that represent the happiness they had within them. And knowing that you will now feel the same as they did which seems to make you feel less guilty, as if it’s your turn and the pit where your heart used to be is you paying for their mistakes. But it doesn’t work like that. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how much pain you felt, not matter how much you prayed, there is nothing you can do. You are as powerless as she felt. Maybe that’s what God wanted, that is, if there is a God. Why did you kill that innocent girl? Why did you let her suffer at all? What if God was putting her out of her misery, something you could never do? All you can do is forgive yourself. Why place any blame on anyone? That isn’t going to achieve anything and if you think that showering another human who is capable of feeling just as week as you do now will help you sleep at night then go ahead, but know that someone is suffering and

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