Short Essay About The Journey

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THE END I am the only one left. Should I cross the hard gray smooth never ending rock, which took the life of my brother and sister? There has to be a way to get to the food source that father talked about. Brother almost made it before the thing with the four rolling objects took him. With Sister it was quick. She just bounced and that was that. The end. It all started a month ago, when Father was getting ready to take us to the place that I am now. Mother and Father, (I miss them), have always taken care of us. They taught us a lot of things, like how to dig up lettuce without getting caught and making sure that we had a warm place to sleep at night. I never thought that I would be without Mother and Father, but times have …show more content…
Climbing over rocks, and through tunnels that a mole had made for itself. Not knowing what we will have to face or who. But having someone to be with before you see that figure in the sky. You know that place in time where the light meets the dark and everything is clean and crisp. That is the time that is most precious, then reality sets in and the journey is still before us. Trying to find that source of food that Father said existed, but I cannot remember where.
As time goes on and sister said we are getting closer to our destination, my mind reflects back on the way my parents died and how the time spent was too short. Why is it that the most important things in our lives, we don’t miss until it is too late? But that is another story. This is a journey we must go through to survive in this world. Almost there, but still looking bleak.
Now we are faced with another obstacle. After all, the danger we went through to see our destination, but it is still hard to reach. Now we face an obstacle of hard gray smooth never ending rock that goes on for miles. The tall magnificent yellow M is our destination. How do we reach it? Will we be fast enough to beat the fast like obstacles that seem to travel that hard gray smooth never ending rock all day and night? Now I know what father meant when he said only the strong will survive. We cannot give up. It is so close we can smell it. The crisp smell of lettuce as it is pulled from the ground that type of smell. So

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