Short Biography: Ted Bundy As A Serial Killer

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Register to read the introduction… After graduation, he applied to law schools, but was rejected on account of his low entrance test scores. A year later, in 1973, he applied to the law school of the University of Utah and was accepted, but did not enroll until the fall of 1974. During the summer of 1973, Bundy felt confident enough to reunite with Stephanie Brooks again, now being twenty six years old. While on a business trip to California, he took Brooks out to an expensive dinner and won her over. She loved the man Bundy had become and the two got engaged soon after (Serial Killers 16). Brooks thought they were going to get married, but Bundy abruptly cut off all ways of contact with her. This was his revenge for what she did to him years ago (“Ted Bundy Biography”), and Bundy later said, “I just wanted to prove to myself that I could have married her” (Serial Killers 16). However, this revenge brought Bundy little comfort and began a series of attacks on innocent women (“Ted Bundy Biography”). All his victims were slender, white, and wore their hair parted down the middle and all disappeared in the late afternoon or evening (Boynton 25). Bundy’s prey oddly resembled Stephanie …show more content…
Bundy’s daughter was born in October 1982 and met her father multiple times. Four years later, Carol and their daughter left the state to take care of a sick relative. Carol never returned to see Bundy again (Serial Killers 43). While in jail he switched to Hinduism. He started to become very afraid of dying and he was doing everything he could to prolong his life. Bundy told the details of his victim’s death. The victim’s families were given the choice to say a good word about Bundy in exchange for the truth on what happened to their daughters. Not one single person agreed to say or do anything that would help Bundy live any longer (Serial Killers …show more content…
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