Short Biography Of Ruth Hart: The Father Of The Minister

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Ruth Hart is a retired missionary, where she is now leaving in a small house in Renton, Washington. Both she and her husband are living comfortably and up to this day they are still financially supporting missionaries across the country. She was born in Tree Hills, Alberta, Canada on December 17, 1930. She was the daughter of a pastor. This little girl was the middle child out of six siblings. She had two brothers and four sisters. Because she was the middle child, she was constantly picked on and at the same time had to play the role of an older sister. As a child, one of the things that she vividly remembers is being afraid of the dark. She remembers being afraid of the dark because when she was a child her siblings
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She transmitted a great admiration for her father for many reasons. Her father played many roles in her life. He played the role of a father and a pastor. Both being an important figure to her. One of the early memories she has about her father was that he was always under a great influence of pressure. Although, this was the case she remembers her father being very affectionate towards her and her siblings. Not only that but, Ruth Hart remembers her father being very carrying. Although, her father was a retired veteran of WWI who served in France as a treasury and served as a pastor who had to maintain his posture, he was always a good father to …show more content…
The proposal of her husband during her mid twenties greatly influenced her as well. When she married, she and her husband went to serve as missionaries in Cuba in order to bring the word of God. Her husband influenced her career in such way that he guided her to the work area, and the adjustments she had to make as a missionary in a foreign land. While serving as a missionary she had the opportunity to have three daughters. Her first daughter named Margaret will now be 61 years old. Her second daughter died at the age of 22 years old due to a brain tumor. Although, this was a great loss to her, the relationship she had with God allowed her to mourned and accept the loss of her daughter. Her third and youngest daughter named Caroline, in a few weeks will turned 52 years old. As a parent one of the goals she had was being able to raise her children to love God and follow his plans for their lives. This keeps being one of her greatest hopes, where she wants to see her children be in harmony with the beliefs they ere raised

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