Shopping Experience At Macy 's Backstage Essay

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Shopping experiences can be exciting and eventful or a miserable loss of a day due to poor layout, rude customer service, and other troubles. Families in particular are a hard crowd to please with store’s amenities and products. However, families with children between ages 2-12 are responsible for a high amount of profit that can be brought back to the store. The amount of people spending money in a store multiplies when a family goes on a shopping expedition. Families create an opportunity to obtain an alternative type of profit compared to single men or women. However, most stores do not provide enough space for families to shop and enjoy a complete experience. Macy’s Backstage has areas that create the opportunities for families but has areas that could use some improvement for not only family shoppers but all types of shoppers. With the design and placement of items and departments within the store, it creates a unique concept that can be enhanced a step farther to improve profits and family enjoyment of the store which leads to the creation of a familial culture within the store. Before looking at the specifics of the Macy’s Backstage store, what is the Macy’s Backstage chain. Macy’s Backstage is the attempt of the large company Macy’s to create an outlet store like Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx that its target audience is able to afford. The target audience of Macy’s Backstage is areas with lower income compared to their shoppers at the main department store.…

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