Essay about Shoplifting Is A Type Of Larceny

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Shoplifting is a type of larceny that refers to the theft of merchandise from a store or business (CBA, 2016). This crime costs, on average, $33.6 billion per year to US retailers, including both from customers stealing and employee theft (Schmalleger, 2015). Shoplifting is done primarily by juveniles (Schmalleger, 2015). In adults, shoplifting is typical among all social classes even though the most serious is found within the lowest class, however among juveniles the classes almost equally expressed (Schmalleger, 2015). Some data sources have concluded that females represent the majority of offenders. Overall, shoplifting is done by lower class women or juveniles looking to keep themselves entertained.
There are many theories researchers have developed to try to explain why crimes are committed. Labeling theory, also called the social reaction theory, declares that people become criminal because of the stigmatization that comes along with committing a crime. Crime is seen by society as a consequence of limited opportunities for acceptable behaviors (Schmalleger, 2015). This theory falls under the interactionist perspective because it does not predict deviance, it focuses on reactions (LeSuer, 2016).
Social learning theory was developed by Edwin Sutherland in 1930, which explains that crime and values are learned from other criminals (LeSuer, 2016). Crime is not substantively different from any other form of behavior (Schmalleger, 2015). Any behavior can be…

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