Shooting ( S ) At Ferguson And Sanford Ethical Analysis Essay

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Shooting(s) in Ferguson and Sanford Ethical Analysis
Within the past two to three years two unarmed teenage black males where shot to death in different States. The accounts of these two legal cases were closely followed by the United States News Media and greatly affected Black Americans nationwide. On February 26, 2012, in Sanford Florida, George Zimmerman a Hispanic male neighborhood-watch leader shot and killed Trayvon Martin a black 17 year old unarmed male (Cashill, 2013). On Saturday August 9th, 2014 at 12:01 p.m. in Ferguson Missouri, Darren Wilson a white police officer shot Michael Brown a black unarmed 18 year old male about six times and killed him (Brown, 2014). Following Michael Brown’s death violent protest broke out mixed with peaceful demonstrators that resulted in people shooting guns, hurling bricks, looting and vandalizing businesses (Altman, 2014). These two major cases resulted in the investigation of civil rights violations, man slaughter, conflicts between minorities and law enforcement, violation of human rights, and racial profiling problems. The dilemma is whether Zimmerman and Wilson had a just cause to shoot and end the lives of theses teenage black males. In both cases evidence had to be gathered in order to incriminate or not incriminate Zimmerman and Wilson. Unlike the Michael Brown case; the case of Trayvon Martin did not bring about protest and violence. Trayvon Martin’s case did however, get a huge reaction in the social media…

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