Essay about Shooting Parenting Turns Deadly By Judith Warner

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Judith Warner explains in her article “Helicopter Parenting Turns Deadly” how sometimes parents can be too involved in their kids’ lives. Warner explains how she believes that parents need to grow up and not act like kids anymore. If their kid has a problem with other kids they need to help like an adult would not like a kid would. Some times parents can be over protective and want to be like one of the kid’s but, if they are like this than things tend to get out of hand. In some cases, parents have gotten so consumed in their child’s social life and if someone hurt their child the parent would feel hurt as well. Many of these kind of parents would find ways to get revenge on the child who might have bullied or hurt their own kid. In a few cases, revenge may be humiliating them, fighting them, or a hand full cases have gone as far as death. Warner explains how it might just be best for parents to step back and let kids be kids (Warner 506-508).
Warner is trying to educate parents that there is a point where one can be too involved in your child’s life. “Today’s parents” Warner explains “frequently lose themselves when they get caught up in trying to smooth out, or steamroll over, the social challenges faced by their children” (506). She has achieved her goal by telling the story of a few parents who went too far. A couple extreme examples of this are the stories of Lori Drew and Wanda Webb Holloway. Drew had created a fake user on social media to lure an ex-friend of her…

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