Shitty First Drafts By Anne Lamott Dismisses The Myth Of The Perfect First Draft

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"Shitty First Drafts," by Anne Lamott dismisses the myth of the “perfect first draft” by explaining how horrible first drafts really are.
It seems that she is writing to a young, student-based audience. Lamott mixes in a lot of humor which makes it fun and interesting to read and since she writes in a very informal tone it helps her connect to the reader more than if she wrote more professionally. Along with this Lamott seems to be trying to see through the audience’s eyes by telling her personal story about writing restaurant reviews for magazines. It shows the audience that even the most experienced writers start with nothing but a jumble of unorganized thoughts. Lamott also uses this personal experience to let the readers into her thought process. Not only does Lamott lower herself to the writer’s aspect of things by saying how she has a hard time writing too, but the readers can also see how she deals with it. Throughout, readers begin to realize that professional writers aren 't as perfect as they seem. Lots of people believe professional writers are perfect from the first draft all the way to the final product. This piece proves that everyone has crummy first drafts and Lamott stresses that even if your first draft is bad, you can’t give up on it.
Lamott uses pathos to appeal to the reader. She does this by bringing reader opinions into it. For example, "First there 's the vinegar-lipped Reader lady…And then the emaciated German male…and there are your…

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