Women In Equality By Shirin Ebadi

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A mother wakes to fix breakfast for her child. Another day, living in a country where she’s unable to work in the field she has a passion for; trapped in a loop as a housewife. Persisting another day in a country that lacks the allowance (qualification) of either one of them access to human rights. Finding a way to reopen those eyes to the rights, and equality they lack within their country is not an easy task. Promoting what these people deserve in their lives is a fight that Shirin Ebadi was going to hold onto until it was gained. These people that have, and still, suffer from this lack of knowledge are now able to begin gaining insight to rights they’ve attained at birth. By promoting equality through human rights, in her organizational …show more content…
As you can interrupt that of how women are seen in Iran and other countries, the idea of religion being persuasive and controlling is nothing more than true. The advantage that religion claims over a vast majority of people is stunning.
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Though religion also leads to people’s decisions as does the society you’ve grown up and surrounded yourself in. For multiple centuries, women have been seen as only
“housewives” and being generationally disadvantaged in the working field. Not only until recently have women initiated to slowly institute the escalation in their status for working, as well as in common person to person rank; how they’re treated on the street.
Shirin had also mentioned in an interview that religion only makes up but a singular portion of a nation. In a comparison to a culture, in which essentially makes up the entire nature of a nation. The aspect of having a religion is basically nothing more than but a bonus to add to one’s culture, a personal choice and decision made by one whose native to that culture. Shirin was saying that the culture itself should leave more of a

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