`` Shiloh, By Bobbie Mason Essay

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There is often a wide misconception pertaining to opinions based around the stability of gender roles in contemporary America. For example, "Shiloh," a story written by Bobbie Mason which is based on the lives of Norma Jean and Leroy Moffitt. Throughout the story, the major theme of instability of gender roles is deeply depicted and exemplified. This short story is based around Norma and Leroy 's marriage and how the change of gender roles between the two change which causes them to drift apart. As time goes on in the story "Shiloh," the characters begin to let physical, emotional and psychological factors change the way they act and interpret themselves. In other words, Mason rejects the traditional idea of stability within gender roles often misunderstood in contemporary America.

Furthermore, this brings upon the interpretive problem of gender roles that arises from the story. Following Leroy 's accident in the story, the couple basically switch roles within the marriage while each take on new hobbies and roles in their lives. This essentially leads to issues within the couple 's relationship just as it does in the many lives of people in contemporary America. Many readers, including myself, believe that the physical aspect of the story 's situation is a main cause for the instability of gender roles within the story. One person that believes this has pointed out the fact that "[t]he central proposition is that for much of the story Leroy resists the starfish…

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