How Is Technology Destroying A Conversation

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In her article, “The Flight from Conversation,” Sherry Turkle argues that technology is destroying the art of conversation. The author has her reasons for persuading the audience about why technology is destroying conversations, thus making it harder for the average person to start a conversation. Most people today are aware what we call conversations isn’t what it used to be, because times have changed. I argue that people don’t talk anymore because technology takes people away from each other. Also plenty of people today think conversations take to long to develop it can get awkward for them. There for people don’t have the practice they need for when they actually have to come face-to-face with a conversation. Lastly face-to-face conversations …show more content…
It’s easier and more convenient for people to text funny things to other people while there’re doing something else. No one wants to sit down and talk like society used to, because people can have so much on their schedule or would rather do other stuff that interest them. Getting to know people more personal is becoming a lost cause it takes to much time and energy. As an individual reading this paper, people should be able to relate to what I say. We have all seen that people don’t like conversations as much as we used to. It’s easier to have a conversation over email or face time. Face-to-face conversations are valuable it can teach us so much. Like how to listen or talk to some at a personal level getting over the fact that your telling someone a thought that means a lot to you. Texting, calling or being on Face time were it lacks intrapersonal interaction. We are a society that relies so much on technology but we should put it away or turn it off and have a nice conversation with someone. It’s never a bad thing to make a new friend or at least have a conversation with a stranger that could brighten your day or the other

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