Sherry Shepherd, A Department Of Child Protective Services

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For my external activity, I interviewed Sherry Shepherd, a child social worker, who works in the Clay County community. Throughout the interview, I gathered information about her job tasks, profession, educational and training requirements, and services provided by Ms. Shepherd and the entire Department of Child Protective Services. Ms. Shepherd provided a clear and informative insight into the department and the services that she provides daily.

Question 1: Please explain how your organization works and what are the primary services provided?

Ms. Shepherd stated that the Department of Child Protective Services investigates the neglect, abuse, and dependency of children and the elderly. In mild cases, the department provides services that
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Shepherd stated that her job tasks varied each day. Conducting investigations of abuse or neglect, filing removal petitions in family court, performing home visits, and filing reports with the courts are the tasks that varied day to day. However, Ms. Shepherd stated that ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children is the most important task that she encounters each day. After hearing numerous heart-wrenching stories about neglect and abuse, each social worker requires emotional strength to complete each task efficiently and successfully.

Question 4: Does the organization accept students for volunteer, shadowing, practicum or internship experiences for professional training?

Ms. Shepherd stated that the Department of Child Protective Services does accept individuals for training and experience. The requirements are: be 18 in age or over, pass a child abuse and neglect check, pass a criminal record check, complete HIPPA information for the cabinet, and recieve approval from Frankfort as well as a department supervisor. The acceptance of students is an amazing oppurtunity for helping the less fortunate and learning to have empathy for others.

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The interview made me realize that horrific acts occur daily and to individuals that aren 't either capable of defending themselves or don 't have anyone protecting them from heinous acts. The individuals who protect the defenseless like children and the elderly are individuals like Ms. Shepherd and the entirety of the Department of Child Protective Services. Each individual has went through extensive training and education requirements to ensure that the job is performed accurately and effectively. Without the education and training requirements that each social worker obtains, a child 's life could be detrimentally affected. Each task is continuously checked to ensure the safety and wellfare of each child. The personal sacrifices that each social worker makes is a product of a selfless individual that is caring for individuals that have experienced some of the worst acts in life. Ms. Shepherd expressed that her love of people, children in particular, are the primary reason she is a social worker. Social worker is much more than a job title. Individuals, like Ms. Shepherd, saves the lives of children on a daily basis. Social workers work relentlessly every day to ensure the life of a child and to improve the child 's current situation and their future. The services that the Department of Child Protective Services provides is crucial

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