Sherlock Holmes Comparison Essay

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Sherlock is a man of many faces. From the classic tales written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the modern adaptations such as BBC’s Sherlock, the man that is Sherlock Holmes has been around for centuries. While there may be various modern Sherlock Holmes’, there is one that is far superior to the rest, one that takes on the characteristics of the original Sherlock Holmes. This Sherlock Holmes was well represented in these movies and was accurate to the stories that I’ve read.
The best Sherlock Holmes I’ve seen is the one portrayed in the 2009 movie adaptation “Sherlock Holmes”, with Robert Downey Jr. This Sherlock is my favorite as I feel Robert plays Holmes extremely well. I believe that he was able to take the character of Holmes and make
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This Sherlock is quite odd, even more so that the original, as well as bold and very outspoken. Robert takes the character to new heights as he shows how obsessed Sherlock Holmes can be when he is solving a mystery. This can be seen in particular in one scene in the film, when he figured out that Lord Blackwood’s “magic” was nothing more than science and chemical reactions. Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes continues in “A Game of Shadows”, which was excellent as well.
I would say that the Sherlock Holmes portrayed in the text is quite similar from that of the film, with a few distinct differences. In “The Red-Headed League”, Sherlock is looking into the mystery of a red-headed man, and he comes upon the answer for this mystery, while at the same time uncovering something bigger and more sinister. Holmes in the story has an uncanny ability of observation, which can also be seen in the film character. He knows when something is to happen precisely, down to the time and location. The Sherlock in this story does not talk about the case until he has figured everything out, stringing Watson along for the ride.
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The personality traits, abilities and eccentricity were all there when I watched the films. The way the stories tell of Holmes’ skills, and then to see it on-screen is amazing. Still, I do think that it is important that a character, whether in film or television, be true to the source material. I understand taking liberty with the plot and the appearance of the character, but the core of the character should remain untouched. The character’s personality and demeanor is what makes him or her unique, and changing that is not something that I personally approve of. An example of this would be comic book movies and television shows. In the DC television multi-verse, we have the show “The Flash”. The comic book Barry Allen is very trusting, cheerful, despite his many hardships, and willing to help in any way he can. He is a hero because of this. Compared to the source material, the TV character’s core self is basically an exact copy of the comic book Barry Allen. Now in the DC cinematic universe, the atmosphere is very somber, and so Barry Allen in this universe is depressed and dark, nothing at all like his comic book counterpart. To me, this change means that the character I know and love is not there, and so there is not “true” Barry Allen in the DC cinematic

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