Essay Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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In 1893, author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became sick of his character Sherlock Holmes and did the only logical thing he could think of: kill him. Within a short period subscriptions to the magazine publishing the stories dropped at unprecedented rates and people wore black armbands in the streets. Two years later, Doyle was forced to miraculously bring him back for the mere necessity to keep food on the table and death threats out of the mailbox. Now, even a century later, fans of the remake are no less passionate than the originals. Within a few short weeks the smoldering embers of these fans will burst into an inferno as the Christmas special of a certain detective airs at the dawn of the new year, a rare break in the hiatus that occurs only slightly more often than the Olympics. With this blazing fire ticking down to ignition, outsiders have just one stab at joining the festivities before the chance disappears again indefinitely.(GREAT EXORDIUM)
For this specific season of Sherlock, season two(CAPS), it is essential that the a viewer knows of the previous three episodes. These introduce and establish main characters, their tendencies and loyalties, and what their pressure points are. Another aspect is the literature the show is based on, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories, and recognizing the continuities between the Victorian era duo of Holmes and Watson and modern day Sherlock and John. Also noteworthy is the number of similar productions, namely…

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