Sherlock Holmes And Watson Research Paper

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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are one of the most well known duos in literature. In all the Sherlock Holmes works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, one follows the pair solve crime after crime, often with little evidence. Holmes’ ability to spot clues in seemingly impossible places makes him a fine detective. Watson does not have the same skills as Holmes, but his knowledge in medicine contributes considerably. Their love for solving crimes allows them to connect, something that many find difficult to do because of Holmes’ nature. Watson, the narrator throughout the books, states quite often how much he knows of Sherlock Holmes. Often times, the language he uses to describe Holmes is similar to that of a person who is in love. In A Study in Scarlet, …show more content…
In The Hound of the Baskerville, Holmes makes appearances only in the beginning and end of the book. John Watson is left for much of the book to find information and make deductions himself. This, however, is not a problem, as Holmes has taught Watson how to look for hidden clues. In a way, this relationship between them is much like the relationship between ancient Greek philosophers and their students. Young men would go to schools to be taught by older, wiser men who would pursue relationships, most often sexual, with their students. According to Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick in her article, “Between Men,” this “... was a widespread, licit, and very influential part of the culture.” In Plato’s Lysis, Hippothales, a friend of Socrates, speaks highly of a young boy, Lysis, he fancies, which annoys the many of his friends. Despite his feelings, Hippothales “... has nothing particular to talk about to his beloved… ” and Socrates shames him for it. Holmes and Watson’s relationship started out this way, where neither had anything to say to the other, mostly due to the fact that Holmes “spent [much of] his day at the chemical laboratory…” and went to bed at

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