Sheriff Outreach Section : The Community Of Bibb County Essay

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Sheriff Outreach Section
The third division I was assigned to was the Sheriff Outreach Section, which provides the youth of Bibb County with beneficial information about various topics, such as drugs and peer pressure. This educational program is known as CHAMPS, which is an acronym that represents “Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety.” The program was taught at Riley Elementary School. The subject of the lesson was “peer pressure.” Initially, I shadowed the deputy that taught the CHAMPS programs. After observing him, I was instructed to teach the second class with his assistance. At first I was very nervous. However, after walking around the classroom asking the students a variety of questions, I begin to feel very comfortable with the atmosphere. The students were shown a fun educational video about peer pressure. Then we discussed the video through defining the term “peer,” “pressure,” and “peer pressure” making it applicable to the video. Lastly, we differentiated between positive and negative peer pressure using examples. Lastly, we discussed various ways to avoid negative peer pressure. The course that I believe is the most relevant to this experience is Juvenile Delinquency. The CHAMPS program is a form of primary prevention to prevent youth from become involved in delinquent activates such as using or selling illegal, gangs, or other comes they may be encouraged to engage in as a result of peer pressure.

Criminal Investigations Division

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