Sheraton Hotel Case Study

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Websites online communication
Website communication or web-based communication is the way of allotting information, words or concepts over a linkage of computers known as internet. Websites are used by bigger industries, organisations to flow proper amount of information for the people. Unified marketing communications used as the cautious management system that focuses to merge with advertisement, public relationship, sales promotion and all aspect of marketing mix. Sheraton hotel and services has an effective way to communicate so it is successful in the hospitality industries. Poor visibility in websites could lead less amount of business to generate. To generate visibility Hotels can develop techniques like getting connected to online
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Personnel emails should contain the website address where travel seekers require advice and get connected to the hotel business. Updates with the new technology like the Facebook, twitter can maintain the updates with the clients and new visitors. Websites should include Blogs and a feedback box where clients can make their review regarding the Hotel industry. Link up blogs the updates of the hotels or with promotion stories that attracts the …show more content…
Sheraton company has used the concept in their research. It contains text, photos and hotel rooms, tourist sectors. Website design and graphics are used in this context to attract the visitors.

Hotels should put the category of mentioning the price on their hotel websites. Hotels could appeal for the form of identification in order to give access for room prices. This comes in the segmentation strategy. Sheraton hotel can practice the concept and develop it in new practices.
This includes configuring of the product practices maintaining by the structured information and could be entered during the reservation process. Any information regarding near to the elevator, sea view, pillow type. Etc. was considered product configuration. Sheraton new policy could include this new style and develop the new registration practices.
Reservation system:
This system could measure the capacity of hotels website and provide room reservation. E-mail or automatic information system should be installed where people could get connected and get benefits from the Hotels. Sheraton is updated with the new technology which enhances to get connected to its viewers and

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