Essay about Shell in Hrm

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Effective Employee Selection 3 Application 3 Interview 3 Final Assessment 4
Rationale for the employee selection 4
Strategy Influenced by Other Factors 4 Internal factors 4 External factors 5
Training programs 6 Tailored Training 6 Leadership Program 6 On-the-job learning 7 Off-the-job learning 7
Rationale for the training programs 7
The strategy influenced by other factors 8 Internal factors 8 External factors 8
Performance Management 9 Board Evaluation 9 Controls and Procedures 9 Performance Share Plan 10
Rationale for performance management 11
Strategies Influenced by Other Factors 11 Internal Factors 11 External
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Shell is well in selection on the best uses of talents as its employees. They will provide an opportunity on working environments for employees to have equal opportunity in developing their own skills and talent. In addition, Shell also pays attention to candidates’ resume because those resumes will show key strengths and achievements made in their working experience. The final assessment provides an opportunity for those candidates to tell their own achievements made and how challenges being tackled in the past.

Strategy Influenced by Other Factors

Internal factors
Shell provides “Job Search” engine at its website for candidates to choose interested vacancies for them to apply. This function can let candidates to have opportunities to find their dream jobs. If Shell assigns employees to hated job positions, it will affect the employees being demoralized.

External factors
At present, many companies require candidates having the university education level as the minimum educational qualification. However, Shell finds that it is difficult to identify talents amongst those university graduates applied. If Shell employs fresh graduates who are lack of working experience, Shell will provide training programs for them so that they will work smoothly after trainings. In addition, Shell also considers

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