Sheldon Cooper From The Television Series: The Big Bang Theory

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A fictional character that I am diagnosing a mental illness is Sheldon Cooper from the television series: The Big Bang Theory. The illness is a childhood disorder called Autism Spectrum disorder. Here are some reasons why Sheldon has autism and examples from the show. One reason Sheldon may have autism is impaired social interaction. An example of his impaired social interaction is he told Alex that he is his girlfriend Amy has changed as not as pure as usual and is now “a slave to all her biological urges”, like her. Sheldon did not realize why what he said to her was an insult. He explains to the Head of Human Resources that he didn’t specifically call Alex a slave to her biological urges, but that all women are. What Sheldon was unable to pick up on is that saying that the term is socially inappropriate. Another reason Sheldon may have autism is he has difficulty interpreting others’ thoughts, facial expressions, social cues. An example is this challenge is he was unable to …show more content…
Throughout the series, Sheldon has one spot on his apartment’s couch that he calls “his spot” and does not like other people sitting in that spot. One episode, Penny fell asleep on the couch. Sheldon is woken up got his cereal and saw Penny still asleep. Sheldon still tried to sit in his spot but Leonard stopped him. Leonard asked why Sheldon is going to sit there and Sheldon responds angrily with “every Saturday since we lived in this apartment I have awakened at 6:15, got a bowl of cereal add a cup of 2% milk, sat on this end of this couch, turned on BBC America and watched Doctor Who.” This shows Sheldon has a schedule built and does not like it being messed up. With all being said, even though The Big Bang Theory has never said Sheldon has autism, it’s clearly not hard to tell. Sheldon may have most of the autism symptoms but he is still one of the funniest characters to watch on

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