Shazzle Swot Analysis

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1. Introduction
Shazzle is based in Scottsdale , as a limited liability company , it was established in 2006. Shazzle was formed in order to create applications , which can be utilized via all technological gadgets , to keep messages safe against government spies and big business data miners environments. Figure 1. Logo. Source:
Our group made a decision about learning and analyzing the marketing environment of this company based on three stages such as internal, micro and macro environments.
2. Marketing Environment and it’s factors
Marketing environment surrounds and impacts on the organization. Marketing environment is divided into three categories encompassing; internal, micro and macro environment .
2.1 Internal
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The word SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses (negative), opportunities and threats (positive), which are considered as external factors (Ferrell, Hirt, 2006). Figure 4. SWOT Analysis. Source:
 Shazzle makes a tremendously profitable web-based business. It focuses on creating comfortable-in-use software applications and by doing so the company has it is own position and reputation in the world market.
 By advertising new released apps on the internet and by selling them on sale frequently to its customers Shazzle is considered one of the fastest companies.
 Shazzle creates exclusive software applications for huge corporations and this condition forces the name “Shazzle” to be famous and it is the most important income stream for company.
 Shazzle releases its applications very often without fixing some small bugs and as a result, some bugs still exist.
 Shazzle demands a lot of time in order to create exclusive software applications and sometimes because of this circumstance, some of the customers are not happy with the
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 Shazzle focuses only on the relationships with customers, therefore its own employers sometimes become demoralized and stressed.
 Shazzle sometimes puts exorbitant prices for its applications and as a result, of this, it loses its customers.
Marketing plays an important role in the business, since without marketing none of the business-related companies can survive in this competitive world. Our group learned and analyzed the marketing environment of the limited liability company called “Shazzle”. We have elucidated the analysis of PESTEL and SWOT in terms of Shazzle company.
1. Firstly, feedback one of the most vital aspects for developing the company , hence Shazzle ought to pay attention to the feedbacks that are directed to the Shazzle’s team.
2. Secondly, Shazzle should work hard on its marketing strategy to collect more customers not only in Asia but also in other continents.
3. Finally, motivation is the key to success. Inspiration and encouragement ought to be the predominant perception of the team. So, Shazzle is supposed to motivate its employees

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