Shays ' Rebellion : Authority And Distress Essay

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In the book “Shays’ Rebellion: Authority and Distress in Post-revolutionary America”, Sean Condon shows us his outlook on how he saw post-revolutionary America to be within the late 1770’s and 1780’s. This book was released in 2015 by John Hopkins University Press, and was also made in a continuing book series by Peter Charles Hoffer and Willamjames Hull Hofer called Witness to History. The story takes us "Throughout the late summer and fall of 1786, farmers in central and western Massachusetts organized themselves into armed groups to protest against established authority and aggressive creditors. Calling themselves "regulators" or the "voice of the people.”” [1] Condon succeeds by prosing an appealing idea in an upfront style that shapes the way we perceive the innovative events in post-revolutionary America.
Within the book, Shay’s Rebellion, there are 7 chapters that help tell the story of the rebellion. Prologue, Paying for Independence, Governor Bowdoin Faces the Regulators, Mobilizing Authority and Resistance, Conflict from Springfield to Petersham, and Governing the Regulators and Regulating Government, And Epilogue. Condon uses many types of sources including magazines, articles, petitions, etc. The character like Governor James Bowdoin, John Hancock, Daniel Shay, and General William Shepard all have valid data to back them up. Condon had directed his writing toward giving in-depth detail to the story so the reader can get a better paint a better picture in their…

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