Essay about Shawnee Regional Prevention And Recovery Services

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Shawnee Regional Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS) is a great nonprofit resource to the Shawnee County community. PARS provides many great services including drug and alcohol services, neighborhood watches, substance and crime presentations, person centered case management, and many other services. Prevention and Recovery Services, Inc. started in 1965 under the name Topeka Council on Alcoholism.
In July 1993, the Board of Directors voted to change the name to Shawnee Regional Prevention and Recovery Services or (PARS). In 1995, PARS started a program called Safestreets which promotes a safer community in Topeka. Safestreets’ mission is creating a healthier community by addressing substance abuse and crime through prevention education and citizen empowerment. SafeStreets sets up neighborhood watch groups, supports youth involvement in the community, encourages community mobilization, and has formed the Safe Streets Coalition to address crime and safety concerns, This year PARS became the home of Kansas Family Partnership (KFP) which is a statewide nonprofit that promotes healthy youth and communities regarding substance abuse prevention through education, networking and advocacy. KFP coordinates statewide drug awareness campaigns, provides youth drug prevention programs, provide substance abuse prevention materials and resources, education for prevention professionals and advocacy for sound drug policy. KFP provides many programs like Family Day, Kansas Leadership to…

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