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Secret papers
The basic problem is to ignore what was found and report the breach of security. With that said, there are some issues that should be addressed such as 1) Will I report the discovery or accept SGT Day's approach to the matter? 2) If I report on this, who should I report the issue to, and how and when should I report the issue? 3) Should I just discuss the discovery with SFC Sharp, before I go ahead with any other decisions? The ethical questions I have identified now challenge me to identify what "ought" to be done, what is "right" or "wrong" or the possible "good" vs. "bad" when determining guilt or innocence. The main issue now is what are the consequences to each person involved if I do or do not report the matter?
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By being honest, in this case, would not be considered disloyal; However, loyalty and respect for SFC Sharp and SGT Day should inform my decision of how to proceed in this case, as long as these considerations do not come before values of a higher order. In the final analysis, I have to have the courage to do what is right, regardless of the disappointment or disapproval that may come from SFC Sharp and/or SGT Day, peers, or superiors.
What other moral principles can be identified beyond the Army values to this situation? After identifying the principles that may apply, it is now time to figure out how they will affect or inform me of the situation. A few examples, in attempting to give SFC Sharp the “benefit of the doubt,” I would want to be careful about assuming things about his actions. This might lead me to approach SFC Sharp and ask for clarification before pursuing any other action. This would also tie into the principle of “attempting to resolve the problem at the lowest level.” I would be showing initiative and responsibility to my COC that I can handle ethical problems.
I need to develop and evaluate a course of action. This is broken into two steps. The first is to develop a course of action. The main questions are, Would I do nothing, as SGT Day suggests? Inform the COC before or after SFC Sharp

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