Sharon G. Flake The Skin Im In Essay

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Ever wanted to know the secrets hidden deeply in the book “The Skin I'm In” by Sharon G. Flake? Heres your chance! In the book “The Skin I'm In”, Maleeka the main character is fighting depression over how people judge her. A new teacher joins the school and Maleeka judges her because of how “ ugly” she looked. Later as the story flows she realizes that Miss Saunders changed her life forever. People like Char who was Maleeka’s “friend”, forced Maleeka to do stuff for her even if it is bad stuff. This isn’t a good example of friendship. One small idea of this story is that you should have respect for people no matter how they look. An example of this from the story is when Maleeka and her whole class were ignorant with Miss Saunders. They also didn’t show any respect to her. People acted like she wasn’t even there. Another idea I think is important is that if you are bad at something and tried your hardest to fix …show more content…
This is because when Maleeka sees Miss Saunders for the first time, she thinks that she won’t be any good of a teacher but as she got to know her, she realized how she changed her life completely by teaching her a lesson about prejudice. Another evidence I had of this theme is that John-John made a teasing song about Maleeka and her “ugly” looks. He sang it to bully her. People also don’t talk to a lot to Maleeka and become ignorant around her. They also find her really annoying because of how she was a nerd. Maleeka tries as much as she can to change and even after she does change, people still hate her.
The dangers of prejudice and not choosing your friends carefully are very depressing. Prejudice can make you feel like you are just there and people are just ignoring you. Not choosing your friends carefully could eventually make you spoiled and lose yourself. This can happen with bad friends. So overall I think it is best to stay out of the way of

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