Sharon Construction Essay

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The Sharon Construction Corporation has been awarded a contract for the construction of a 20,000-seat stadium.
The construction must start by February 15 and be completed within one year. A penalty clause of $15,000 per week of delay beyond February 15 of next year is written into the contract.
Jim Brown, the president of the company, called a planning meeting. In the meeting he expressed great satisfaction at obtaining the contract and revealed that the company could net as much as $300,000 on the project.
He was confi dent that the project could be completed on time with an allowance made for the usual delays anticipated in such a large project.
Bonnie Green, the director of personnel, agreed that in a normal year only
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Appendix: Technical Details of the Stadium
The stadium is an indoor structure with a seating capacity of 20,000. The project begins with clearing the site, an activity that lasts eight weeks. Once the site is clear, the work can start simultaneously on the structure itself and on the fi eld.
The work in the fi eld involves subsurface drainage which lasts eight weeks, followed by fi lling for the playing fi eld and track. Only with the completion of the fi lling
(14 weeks) can the installation of the artifi cial playing turf take place, an activity that consumes 12 weeks.
The work on the structure itself starts with excavation followed by the pouring of concrete footings. Each of these activities takes four weeks. Next comes the pouring of supports for seat galleries (12 weeks), followed by erecting pre-cast galleries (13 weeks). The seats can then be poured (4 weeks) and are ready for painting.
However, the painting (3 weeks) cannot begin until the dressing rooms are completed (4 weeks). The dressing rooms can be completed only after the roof is erected
(8 weeks). The roof must be erected on a steel structure which takes 4 weeks to install. This activity can start only after the concrete footings are poured.
Once the roof is erected, work can start simultaneously on the lights (5 weeks) and on the scoreboard and other facilities (4 weeks). Assume that there are 28 days

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