Shaping The Attitudes And Behaviors Within An Organization Essay

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Shaping the attitudes and behaviors within an organization, culture is the underlying values, beliefs, assumptions, and norms that contribute to a unique organizational social structure where members interact, work with each other, and accomplish goals (Daft, 2016; Sergui, 2015).
Additionally, the visible structures, systems, slogans, behaviors, and physical settings are the observable cultural symbols that communicate what an organization values. An insider would have greater awareness and discernment of the internal cultural elements and subcultures within an organization. Furthermore, an insider would know how processes interweave and how members interact. Having experience within an organization, an insider would understand what underlying values and beliefs, inside attitudes, and assumptions are important. In comparison, an outsider would have insufficient awareness of detailed internal knowledge; however, by interpreting the visible elements, an outsider may be able to determine what cultural attributes important to an organization. In observing the visible symbols, dress codes, structure, power relationships, and other tangibles of culture, an outsider would see the perceptible social system and activities in action and; therefore, be exposed to the underlying elements that contribute to the organizational culture. For example, if an outsider observes an interaction between employees and managers, the outsider would be able to discern and connect internal…

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