Essay about Shape The Face Of The Company

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Chapter 4: Shape—The Face of the “Company”
It’s the big night! Years of hard work, studying with your peers, learning from your professors, making and critiquing your work, and refining your craft and concept culminate in you senior exhibition. You 've spent months preparing a body of work for exhibition, you 've taken great care to mount and present your work professionally, you 've touched up the walls, fine-tuned the lighting, ordered food and drink for the receptions, sent out the exhibition announcements, labeled the work, and put on your best "I 'm the art star" outfit.
Your friends, family, and classmates arrive and admire your work. They compliment you, ask you questions, and offer warm critiques. You are proud of the work you’ve made. It’s formally sound and interesting conceptually, and it’s well made and presented exquisitely. Everyone sees how serious and dedicated you are. You transition from student to artist.
Fast-forward a few months or a couple of years. You 've continued to make great art. Your work has evolved and gotten stronger and you are ready to exhibit it out in the "real world." But that supportive community who praised you at your senior exhibit is no longer your audience. Now you are reaching out to your new network, and your artwork and supporting materials will most often go out into the world without you accompanying them. It is important that your materials are as professional, thorough, and as perfect as all of your preparations for that “big…

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