Essay Shangri-La Hotel and Resort

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1. Introduction 3

2. Summary of Macro Environment 4

3. Summary of Industry Analysis 8

4. Summary of Internal Analysis 12

5. Gap Analysis 14

6. Recommendations 22

7. Appendices 26

8. References 52

1. Introduction

Since the parent company, the Kuok Group, is established in 1949 and until 1979 the home-grown Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, was opened its doors in 1971 and it was opened under the management of Western International Hotels. However, Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd was founded in 1982 and from that
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For a hotel chain as Shangri-La, the properties are everywhere in the world, they need to prevent and consider about the location’s political issues before or after they take over or establish a new Shangri-La. On the other hand, some nations have a legislation to control the people own arms or guns. But when the numbers of arms holding increase, the country and properties need to increase the insecurity as well (Shah, 2011). By having legislation of arms controlling is good for Shangri-La.

As in 21st Century, everything is being high technology which means there are lots of new technology products invested and announced into the market such as 3D televisions and surrounding audio systems. When those products had announced to public, the guests may expect the hotels will have one of these products in house. Most of the technology factors are neither positive nor negative impact for Shangri-La, as the number of the internet users is increasing rapidly every year, nearly everyone will have at least one computer and smartphone. When most people have at least one technology product, some of the companies will start produce some up-to-date communication softwares and some new applications will announce to the sociality. By the time when the number of internet users is increasing rapidly, Shangri-La can take advantages from that, as

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