Shan Food Industry Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Research Objective:
The main purpose of this research is to know that what kind of factors affecting the transfer of training at Shan foods industry.
•What are the factors which affects transfer of training at Shan food industry?
•Causes of failure of transfer of training at the employees end.
•What’s the relationship between the factors effecting transfer of training and employee perceived performance.
•What’s the relationship between male and female perception about their job performance after acquiring training. 2.4. Significance Of study:
This research may going to help Shan food industry to find out lacking occurs in their transfer of training process the kind of factors directly or indirectly affecting their employee’s perfoemcnes which actually leads to the bid effect on organizational performance and on them. Transfer of training may also brings change in employee behavior they gets the chance to learn new things which enhances their productivity.
So by conducting this research I may discover the correlation between certain facets which actually causes increase or decreases into employee performance and their learning process. There are many studies conducted on transfer of training but this research may go to provide value addition to
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Error of the Estimate | 1 | .275a | .076 | .040 | .63602 | a. Predictors: (Constant), selfeficacy, supervisrsuprt, techniclsuprt, peersuprt |


This table represent that as R2 =.076 which means that the predictors which are independent variables are just bringing 7.6% variation into dependent variable because R square is above than .250. ANOVAb | Model | Sum of Squares | df | Mean Square | F | Sig. | 1 | Regression | 3.437 | 4 | .859 | 2.124 | .083a | | Residual | 42.070 | 104 | .405 | | | | Total | 45.507 | 108 | | | | a. Predictors: (Constant), selfeficacy, supervisrsuprt, techniclsuprt, peersuprt | b. Dependent Variable: percvperfrmce |

This table represents that as regression 3.437 and residual is 42.070 the independent variables really contributing in the variation of employee percieved performance. The main thing is that the relationship is significant about .083 .

Coefficientsa | Model | Unstandardized Coefficients | Standardized Coefficients | t | Sig. | | B | Std. Error | Beta | |

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